What Are Turkish Towels?

What Are Turkish Towels?

OK, so, you've heard people saying that Turkish Towels are all the rage. You have made it here to our site and say, "these are pretty, but what is the hype?" You have been given one as a gift but maybe you don't know how or when to use it. SO, let's dive into to why Turkish Towels. And, specifically, why OUR Turkish Towels. 

Traditionally, Turkish Towels are the 100% Turkish Cotton Towels used in the Hammam Baths in Turkey. Known for their fast-drying, lightweight nature, they have been used for hundreds of years in the legendary Turkish baths. In recent years, they have become popular because of their compact size and ability to repel sand, and, again, dry quickly! 

We import our Turkish Towels from our producer in Denizli, Turkey and hand pick each and every towel that you see on our site. Some of them we have even designed ourselves.  You can guarantee that when you buy a Turkish Towel from us, it will be the best quality you can find.

We absolutely love to use our Let's Talk Towels Turkish Towels as beach and pool towels for these same reasons they have been popular in Turkey for hundreds of years. They take up less space in your beach bag, they don't get clumpy with sand, they dry quickly and become more absorbent with each wash. ALSO, they are pretty!

In addition to using them at the beach and the pool, we have discovered that because they are so soft, breathable and beautiful, we use them as wraps, too.  Think: cold office, chilly evening at the beach, the movie theater, a cold restaurant. They are 100% cotton so taking care of them is easy. No need to dry clean them like your usual pashminas & wool wraps. 

They are also GREAT for traveling! Throw one in your carry on and when the airplane is freezing, you've got the perfect size wrap to snuggle up with. 

So, that's the short version.  Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list below to stay updated on everything *turkish towels* from us! Follow us on Instagram for more real life uses for our towels.


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