How To Wear Your Turkish Towels

How To Wear Your Turkish Towels

We love our Turkish Towels for their versatility.  They are not "just towels." Here are a few ways we like to wear our Turkish Towels. 

As A Sarong 

Ditch your coverup! Wrap a towel around your waist to head to the beach or the pool. Use the towel, let it dry in the sun and voila, your sarong / coverup for when you leave! Half the time I wear a cover-up to the beach or the pool I never put it back on once I get there. You are wet or damp at the end of the day and do not want to get your clothes wet (if you are like me!) so the towel seems like the obvious choice to wear home. Plus, they are pretty! We love Fish, Tulip & Palmette as sarongs. 

As a Wrap / Shawl 

Keep one in your car, on the back of your chair at work for when you get chilly! If you are like me, your car looks like a closet in the spring and fall from all of the sweaters you wear and then take off half way through the day! Grab a towel and it solves your problems. They are 100% Cotton, so they keep you warm and cozy but they are also breathable.  Also, because they are cotton, unlike  your wool pashminas, you can just throw them in the wash! They don't need to be dry cleaned.  We love to use Chevron, Nazar and Diamond Stripe as wraps. 

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