Different Ways to Use Turkish Towels Year-Round

Different Ways to Use Turkish Towels Year-Round

OK, So! You bought a Turkish Towel, and you've used it as a towel, but it is the "off season" and you're thinking of putting it away until next summer or vacation. Think again! Here are 5 other ways you can use your towel year-round. 

1. As a wrap or a shawl 

This is the #1 other use we like to tell customers about when we are selling them in person! My mom, the founder of our business, worked as a personal shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue for years before she started Let's Talk Towels, and when she bought her first "towel" she saw its potential as a garment.  We love to keep towels on the back of the chair at work, in the car or in your daily tote bag because you never know when you are going to get chilly! They are less bulky than jackets and sweaters and if you ask us, prettier too!

let's talk towels table runner

2. As a Table Runner 

One of our favorite customers recently sent us this photo of using the towel as a table runner on a trip to Portugal and we were FLOORED. It looks SO stunning.  This is an out of stock Palmette color, but any of our towels would be a beautiful accent for entertaining.  

3. On An Airplane 

This is one of our favorite uses for towels! You know when you get on the airplane and the plane gets geared up and all of a sudden the air conditioning is BLASTING. Not the one on top of your seat, but the WHOLE AIRPLANE. Those nasty "blankets" they have available sometimes do NOT cut it for these situations. We recommend you wear your towel around your neck in the airport (won't take up space in your carry on) and you have a built in wrap when you get on the plane. See how we used ours from the airport to the beach HERE on our latest vacation. 

4. An "everything" for children & babies 

Sure, we have our baby blankets that are SO great for strollers, naps when they get older, as lovies and swaddles for newborns.  BUT, we also love our towels as a catchall for changing in public, putting down on the floor to play and more.  Carrying around a full size blanket is clunky, but our towels are just the perfect size for so many uses when it comes to kids. 

let's talk towels throw

5. An Accent Throw

If you don't need a full size blanket for the foot of the bed or the back of the couch, our towels would be GREAT for this. Especially if you want them for purely aesthetic purposes. We love Chevron or Diamond Stripe as an accent through because of their classic designs. 


After your shower, wrap your hair up in your Turkish Towel. They aren't as thick and heavy as clunky Terry Cloth towels and will be much more comfortable while you are getting ready. Plus, they'll absorb the water quicker AND dry faster.  We love the FISH towels for this. 

turkish towel for your hair

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